Creative Reactions was formed when a group of scientists and artists got together and thought it would be amazing if creatives could meet with the scientists from the Pint of Science festival. We are proud to present the sixth Cambridge Creative Reactions science-art exhibition, and the very first online display. Here, local creatives have responded to the speakers from the Cambridge Pint of Science live show, 'The Immune System: Friend or Foe?', the replay of which can be viewed below.

Despite dramatic changes to the landscape of how we collaborate and interact, a dedicated collection of artists from Cambridge explored novel ways of collaboration to produce artworks in response to current science on the immune system.

This exhibition would not be possible without the work of equally dedicated volunteers, including Colleen Rollins, Tejasvini Chalikonda, Miriam Lisci, Martha Irene, and Karen Jinks. 

A short series of videos from each of the artists talking about the process can be viewed here


Dr Harriet Groom (@HarrietGroom) looked at how we can stop viruses and was paired with artist Naomi Tomkys.

HarrietGroom NaomiTomky


Dr Elizabeth Souilleux (@ejs17_91) examined better tests for coealiac disease and was paired with artists Mark Farrell, Dr Kate Grant and Aimee Sumo.

ElizabethSoilleux AimeeSumo MarkFarrell KateGrant


Dr Marisa Stebegg (@MarisaStebegg) delved into our gut flora and was paired with: Jonelle Harvey, John Hodgson, Susan Abbs and Elena Arevalo Melville.

MarissaStebegg JonelleHarvey JohnHodgson SusanAbbs ElenaArevaloMellvile


Anna Arutyunyan (@immunobananna) explained how a mother and her baby can coexist in a body and inspired artists Lele Saa, Inbal Leitner and Maria Merridan to create art based on the research.

AnnaArutyunyan LeleSaa InbalLeitner MariaMerridan



Header Image by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels