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A roadmap for the future: empowering the globe to save the poles

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Past event - 2021
26 Oct 6pm to 7pm
(UK time)
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For the last event in our series, we invite you to look in to the future with us. The future climate still holds a lot of uncertainties: so how can we prepare for the unexpected? And how can we contribute and be involved in scientific research by becoming "walrus detectives"?

Photo by Romy Vreeswijk on Unsplash

Future Shocks: Planning for the Unexpected in Climate Security

Dr Chad Briggs (Director of Graduate Studies, College of Business & Public Policy, University of Alaska Anchorage)
Climate-related disasters are increasing in numbers and severity, with hazards appearing in places that had never planned for them. While we are told that we need to increase our resilience, the question is- resilience for what? Avoiding surprise is critically important in knowing how to design climate and disaster policies, and lessons from the US military and intelligence communities can lend some guidance to how to anticipate and plan for risks that are both non-historical and non-linear.

Walrus from Space: Getting the crowd involved

Dr Hannah Cubaynes (Research Associate British Antarctic Survey)
Walrus are facing the reality of the climate crisis and we need to know more about how they are affected. WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) and British Antarctic Survey (BAS) are asking the public to become ‘walrus detectives’ and help contribute to conservation science by searching for walrus in the thousands of satellite images taken from space.

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YouTube, Online, Your Home, United Kingdom YouTube, Online, Your Home, United Kingdom
YouTube, Online, Your Home, United Kingdom YouTube, Online, Your Home, United Kingdom