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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Past event - 2017
16 May 1915-2130
Little Man Coffee Co. Ivor House, Bridge St,
Cardiff CF10 2EE
Sold Out!
Alzheimer's Disease affects 850,000 people in the UK. With our ageing population, it is set to be one of the biggest causes of mortality in the 21st century. Cardiff researchers are leading the way in dementia research, from bench to bedside, from the petri-dish to the population. We will be exploring how future treatments for Alzheimer's disease can be developed using stem cell technologies and brain imaging. This venue is wheelchair accessible.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Memories Under the Microscope

Dr Adele Pryce-Roberts (WCAT Fellow, Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences, Cardiff University)
Dr Adele Pryce Roberts is a Neurologist and ARUK Clinical Fellow who is using gene editing techniques and stem cells to examine how the connections between nerve cells is affected in late onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Memory and the Brain

Professor Kim Graham (Professor, Neuroscience, CUBRIC, Cardiff University )
Professor Kim Graham is a cognitive neuroscientist at Cardiff University. She uses brain imaging to understand how memory is represented in the brain, and how it is disrupted in disorders, such as dementia. She is the author of an Oxford University Press book, ‘The Evolution of Memory Systems: Ancestors, Anatomy and Adaptations.