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A Walk with Major Tom

Room is up a flight of stairs with no lift access
Past event - 2018
15 May Doors 7pm Event 7:30pm to 10pm
Committee Room 9 , 18 John Street,
Glasgow G1 1JQ
Space is a big (huge) mysterious thing.  A vast morass of planets, stars and all other kinds of wonder.  How did it start? Particle physics is the key to a better understanding of the Universe. This is space night, so we’ll try to answer these questions! Talking about everything from supernovas to gamma rays, meteorites and the Solar System. Given the scale we’re working on you simply can’t miss it!

Can Studying the Very Small give us Insight into the Very Large?

Mr. Sven-Patrik Hallsjö ( Postgraduate researcher at the University of Glasgow)
Can studying the very small give us insight into the very large? Welcome to the world of particle physics. There are many different particles which provide information about the universe, one of the least known are neutrinos. Millions of neutrinos pass through us and the earth every day without interacting. This unique property means that we can get pure information from when and where these were produced. This could be from supernovae, gamma ray bursts, processes in the earths core or even a nuclear reactor. More of this and how to detect them will be discussed as we drink beer!

An Atoms Eye View of the Formation of the Solar System.

Dr. Luke Daly ( Postdoctoral research associate)
What was our Solar System like when our sun first started to shine? How can we use atomic measurements of tiny grains in meteorites to find out and how is that sunshine currently wrecking Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster?