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Apathy and Action

Venue has wheelchair access to the event room.
Past event - 2018
15 May Doors 7:30pm
Event 7:45pm to 10pm
The Griffin, 266 Bath St. ,
Glasgow G2 4JP
It's 100 years since universal suffrage, but voting turnout is pitifully low...why? What's happened in the last 100 years that's turned people off politics and what's going on across the world to reignite the flames of democracy and participation?

Who Cares About Politics?

Dr Andy Williamson (Founder of Democratise and DemocracySpace)
We don't like our politicians and we don't see the point in getting involved: "it makes no difference" people have said for years. But is that true? Can you change things if only you knew how, and where to go?

Dr Andy Williamson works globally, advising parliaments, governments and international bodies. His work is about understanding and improving the way citizens can become effectively involved in policy and legislation. Andy’s background draws on political motivations, barriers to engagement and grass-roots mobilisation and campaigning, as well as technology and innovation.

Our Money, Our Rights

Dr. Angela O'Hagan ( Senior Lecturer in Equality and Public Policy )
Public finances and public resource allocation might sound remote and not part of everyday politics. Budget-setting is central to public policy making and at the heart of the political process. But do budgets take our rights or the gendered and other differences of our lives into account and how much participation is there by the public in budget setting? Angela will talk through different approaches to making government budgets more accessible, more open, and more likely to deliver better outcomes for all.

Paths to Participation: Hoops or Hurdles

Johanna Speirs (Community Budgeting Officer at New Gorbals Housing Association)
Over the last 7 years the Scottish Government has made commitments to reform public services engaging citizens in the design, development and delivery of the services they use. They've introduced legislation that's designed to help communities lead improvements and developments and have made a commitment to giving communities a much greater say in how huge amounts of public money is spent. But...do turkey's vote for Christmas? How much do you know about these developments, how widely publicised are they and are the paths to participation littered with hoops, hurdles or both?

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266 Bath St. , Glasgow, G2 4JP, United Kingdom 266 Bath St. , Glasgow, G2 4JP, United Kingdom
266 Bath St. , Glasgow, G2 4JP, United Kingdom 266 Bath St. , Glasgow, G2 4JP, United Kingdom
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