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Are we any closer to 'curing' cancer?

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Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 6:30pm
Event 7.00-9.30pm
The Winning Post, 127-129 Bishopthorpe Road,
York YO23 1NZ
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Talks across the evening will explore exciting new evidence supporting the anti-cancer benefits of exercise, examine the trials and tribulations of trying to develop a new cancer test, discuss the implications of dealing with a cancer diagnosis, as well as exploring how our immune system can be tricked by viruses and tumours. 

Does physical activity prevent cancer – and if so – how?

Sam Orange (Lecturer in Exercise Physiology)
Being physically active has many health benefits, but can it prevent us from getting cancer? In this talk, I will address three important questions: Does physical activity reduce the risk of developing certain cancers? Does the type and amount of physical activity matter? If so, what are the pathways involved? I will end the talk with some practical recommendations for maintaining an active lifestyle.

Clinical trials – The lab, the hospital and back again

Scott Dawson (Lecturer in Biosciences)
Hi! My name is Scott and I (once upon a yesteryear) was a haematologist studying for a doctorate in cancer research. As part of my doctorate, I worked as the lead researcher on a phase I and phase II clinical trial. The premise was simple – to devise a way of detecting pancreatic cancer from blood, however the logistics of the project were far from simple! From blood clots and fainting patients to late night rugby and being in charge of 1.5 million pounds, I will talk to you about the highs and lows of my experience of clinical trials.

Learning about cancer through personal experience

Clare Willson (Living with cancer)
In April 2018 at the age of 49 l was diagnosed with primary breast cancer. Less than a year later in March 2019 I was told my cancer had spread, it was no longer curable and I would live the rest of my life as a cancer patient.
I have learnt so much about cancer in the last 4 years and feel that I’m living proof that science and research are making a difference to allow people like me to have a good quality of life for longer.

Immune evasion – hiding in plain site

Adam Odell (Senior Lecturer in Biosciences)
Viruses have co-evolved alongside us and ‘learned’ how to hide within plain sight. Unfortunately, this is a trick that cancers have also picked up. With infection by several viruses known to cause cancer, I will explore the methods viruses and cancers use to avoid detection and destruction. Simply put, they turn the ‘brakes’ on the immune system and remove the stop signals. I will describe a new pathway oncoviruses use to avoid detection by the immune system, translate the findings to the cancer setting, and contemplate how far away we are from truly ‘curing’ cancer.

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