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Are We Making the Best, Most Effective Use of the Resources We Have?

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Past event - 2019
06 Aug Doors open from 7pm
Event 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Saracens Head., 42 Broad St,
Bath BA1 5LP
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In 2017, Blue Planet 2 brought the issue of the overuse of plastics to the forefront of our attention, and visible steps have been taken to reduce our plastic consumption. But are we doing enough? And what about other resources - are we using those sustainably? 


This event was originally scheduled as part of the Pint of Science 2019 Festival but was rearranged due to an issue with the venue. If you originally had a ticket, you will have been refunded, please re-register for free. 

Why Aren't We Using Plastic Waste as Efficiently as We Could?

Mr Peter King (PhD Student, Department of Economics)
This presentation follows the journey of a single plastic bottle through the economy. On this journey, a series of traps await our plastic which will see it either recycled or end up in the ocean. Despite new reform and market-based instruments waiting in the wings, will it be too little too late for our plastic?

Life-Cycle Analysis for the Circular Economy

Professor Marcelle McManus (Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns the UN. This is a stark warning to all of us that if we want to ensure continued access to the kind of lifestyles we have, we need to act now. But even with action our lifestyles are under threat. Even limited warming, warns the report, is likely to mean displacement of millions of people due to sea level rise and a decline in global crop yields. We continue to demand access to food, energy, water and shelter – but we need to do it in a way that minimises our impact. How do we do that?