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Artificial intelligence: Let’s Keep it Real!

Step-free access; under 18s welcome until 9:30pm
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors open: 18.45
Event 19.15-21.30
Stein Garten, 46-47 High Street,
Southampton SO14 2NS
Sold Out!
Join us for a night exploring artificial intelligence! You’ll find out how vehicle technologies can be used to guide driver performance; how we can predict behaviours related to health with mobile phones, smart watches and even keyboards; and how to identify diseases by studying our DNA. Come along to find out more!

Machine Learning for Healthcare

We live in an era of pervasive sensors capturing new forms of data about our daily lives, behaviour, and health. In this talk, I will explore how various types of pervasive sensors, such as mobile phones, smart watches, and even your keyboard, may be predictive of behaviour related to health. We are just beginning to understand how such data can be modelled to make predictions on various health-related behaviours. The goal is to enable personalised healthcare in the long run while emphasizing the importance of coming up with novel methods to ensure privacy.

Using in-vehicle technology to influence human driver behaviour

Dr Rich C. McIlroy (Research Fellow in Global Road Safety)
Vehicle technologies can provide an incredible wealth of information, some of which we could use to guide driver behaviour, helping to make them safer, more efficient drivers. But what types of information would be most useful? How should we present this information? Just because we can, does that really mean we should? Or should we simply wait for automated vehicles to solve all of our problems? This talk will cover various issues, from freedom of behavioural choice, distraction and workload, and the cost and availability of technology, hopefully sparking some friendly debate along the way.

Machine learning to identify disease genes

Identifying genes presenting variation has been a challenging task due to the structural and genomic properties between gene-disease and genes that have never been related to disease.
The field of machine learning aims to develop algorithms that improve with the experience to interpret large and complex data sets. Therefore, we applied machine learning method to characterise gene properties that have acted on the causal and susceptibility alleles underlying human genetic disorders.

Jessica Spurrell (Host)

Jessica Spurrell (Talk to US! Manager)
Over 40 public engagement and outreach talks, workshops and demonstrations throughout the UK including Winchester and Brighton Science Festivals, the Big Bang Birmingham, BBC Stargazing Live Portsmouth and work with Out of this World Learning.

Founding member of Bright Club Southampton and accidental performer at first ever event!

Project Manager of the RCUK-funded School-University Partnership Initiative (SUPI) public engagement project Talk to US! hosted by the University of Southampton Education School.

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46-47 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2NS, United Kingdom 46-47 High Street, Southampton, SO14 2NS, United Kingdom