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Space to Learn: Fun on the International Space Station

This show is live streamed to YouTube - register to get the link to watch - even after it has finished.
Past event - 2020
07 Apr Event 2pm to 3pm (BST)
also at 7pm-8pm (BST)
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Tune in for FREE Tuesday 7th April at 2pm and 7pm (BST) for Space to Learn, an inspirational hour with an astronaut, suitable for ages 8+ years. Steve will be joining us from the USA to tell us his best space stories with a LIVE 45 minute Q&A.

This event was live streamed via YouTube with no replays.

How Astronaut Steve Swanson and his crew mates thought up brilliant fun activities in space

Steve will join us from the USA and talk about and show movies of using imagination to have fun in the small space of the International Space Station. You will be amazed at the fun you can have with a little imagination. He will then answer questions from you. Think up some good ones!

This week, join 3-time NASA astronaut and International Space Station Commander Steve Swanson for a LIVE Q&A about life on the Space Station and having fun in space. Follow and tag @ISSET_STEM and @pintofscience on Twitter and get your questions in, using the hashtag #spacetolearn, and astronaut Steve will be answering the best ones LIVE.

About astronaut Steve Swanson

Dr Steve Swanson (NASA astronaut & ISS commander)
Astronaut Steve has flown on two Space Shuttle missions, 1 Russian Soyuz mission, he was the commander of the International Space Station AND he’s been outside the space ship on four spacewalks. Steve has gained several awards including NASA’s Exceptional Achievement Medal… We couldn’t think of anyone better to kick off ‘Space to Learn’ and answer your space questions!

In partnership with ISSET

This event is being held with thanks to ISSET. ISSET works in partnership with some of the world's leading space organisations to deliver unique learning opportunities for students of all ages. They utilise space and space exploration to inspire and motivate people of all ages to believe that they can become what they want to be. Visit isset.org for more information.