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How prepared is Hull for future flooding?

Please note this event takes place on the first floor where there is no lift access. Furley & Co offers a great selection of food and you are more than welcome to eat during the ta
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Furley and Co, 18-20 Princes Dock Street,
Hull HU1 2LP
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Hull is the most flood prone place in the UK with a whopping 90% of the city sitting below the high-tide of the Humber Estuary. Historically prospering, especially in export and fishing, Hull’s identity has been shaped by its proximity to water. The drawback is that there are many ways this basin-shaped city can flood. From heavy rainfall and tidal surges to blocked drains, Hull flood risk is significant.

Join a panel of experts in flood management as they discuss what is being done to defend Hull from flooding, how we can all be more flood resilient, and what the future holds for our city.

Featuring SuDSi: A live and interactive flood experience!

SuDSi (Demo @ Flood Innovation Centre)
The Sustainable Drainage Systems Interactor (SuDSi) is an educational tool designed by Kate Smith and Hiatt Jackson from the Flood Innovation Centre in 2019. This highly engaging piece of kit - made from recycled material - is able to demonstrate some simple interventions that will make a big difference to flood resilience. Visit SuDSi and its creators during the break and discover how this innovative demo is helping to solve flooding in the region.

Rachel Glossop

Rachel Glossop (Flood Risk Planning Manager @ Hull City Council)
Rachel plays an active role in ensuring that the city can face the challenge of flooding so it can continue to grow and thrive. She has had over 20-years’ experience in the water industry both in consultancy and at the Environment Agency working in areas such as flood risk regulation, surface water flooding policy, and guiding local authorities to create capital for flood resilience programs. Her expertise even led to her visiting Sierra Leone to advise on managing flood risk in Freetown, a city particularly vulnerable to flooding and the challenges of climate change.

Dr Jessica Fox

Dr Jessica Fox (Senior Flood Risk Management Officer @ Hull City Council)
Jessica's academic work has given her an expert understanding of flood management. This has led to a role within the Hull CC where she works to increase our region's ability to prepare for, deal with and recover from flood and climate threats. She is particularly passionate about using nature to help improve resilience as it delivers multiple benefits for both nature and people alike.

Hiatt Jackson

Hiatt Jackson (Technology Research Manager @ Flood Innovation Centre )
My hydrology and remote sensing backgrounds are now applied to building collaborative relationships to improve flood resilience technology. My passion for natural flood management has led to involvement in several local projects which engage the public with these strategies and help us better understand their impact on surface water flooding.

Dr Kate Smith

Dr. Kate Smith (Researcher @ Flood Innovation Centre)
Kate is a cultural anthropologist working in the field of flood resilience, risk communication, and climate change: I work on a wide range of projects from field-testing the UK’s new emergency messaging technology to exploring whether hands-on methods are a good way of doing climate change education.

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