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Beyond the self: Sound, computer and technology

Apologies but this venue does not have step-free access
Past event - 2019
21 May 19:00 to 21:00
Chaplin's and The Cellar Bar, 529 Christchurch Rd,
Bournemouth BH1 4AG
Going beyond the self, this session has inputs from experts in sound, design and computers. The talks will be around how sound is used for business. The impact of tone on jingles and TV. The talk will also cover how computers are essential for digital sounds! This is an interesting night with experts from the Faculty of Media and Communication, Bournemouth University

Sound Design: Connecting Audiences Through Sound

Stephen Rafter (Lecturer)
Sound is all around us. Loud, quiet, chaotic, calming, unordered and random. We often take sound for granted. In the creative field of Sound Design, designers bring order and meaning to sound in a range of disciplines from theatre, film, TV, radio, games, and VR, to advertising, branding, product design, and UX design. The goal of the Sound Designer in these areas is often to bring structure and meaning to sound in order to connect audiences on an emotional level with the story, experience, brand or product. This talk will examine how sound can be used as a powerful tool to connect and engage with

Synthesizng sound in films and media!!

Darrell Gibson (Senior Lecturer)
Nearly all of the sounds that are heard accompanying visual content (film, television, etc.) may be artificially added. Sounds are often manipulated to create a particular mood, feel, response, etc. from the audience. Known as “Sound Design” this requires combining art and science. This evening, you will see some examples of Sound Design and will then consider Darrell will discuss some of the problems of using synthesizers in Sound Design applications. You will get a chance to see a system that may even allow you (as non-sound experts) can use to design new synthesized sounds.