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Birmingham Postdoc Appreciation Week - Mon Seminar

Please note this event is for staff and students at the university.
Past event - 2021
20 Sep 12 pm to 1 pm
Room NG08, School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston,
Birmingham B15 2TT
As part of National Postdoc Appreciation Week (#NPAW2021) come listen to these fantastic postdoc talk about their research, discuss their work, discuss your work, and ask them about their journey to becoming a successful postdoc!

Register your place now! All students, researchers, staff, and postdocs welcome. Refreshments and limited goody bags provided courtesy of Proteintech. Please register one ticket per person.

Zebrafish as a Model for Investigating Stress Proteins in Tuberculosis

Dr Santosh Kumar (Research co-investigator, University of Birmingham)
Santosh will talk about using zebrafish as models, stress proteins and developing novel non-antibiotic related treatments for tuberculosis.

Getting a Grip: Identifying Potential Adhesins of the Predator Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus

Dr Simon Caulton (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Birmingham)
Simon will talk about adhesins from Bdellovibrio that show homology with phage tail fibres, likely for attachment and invasion, and will show the crystal structures of two Bdellovibrio adhesins that his lab have purified and crystallised.

Wham, BAM, thank you Covid

Dr David Hardy (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Birmingham)
David will talk about membrane proteins, specifically the E. coli BAM complex and its role in folding outer membrane proteins (OMPs), and using a floating bilayer system to investigate interactions between the covid spike protein and human ACE2.