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Catnaps & Counting Sheep: A Brief History of Sleep

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Past event - 2021
20 May 8pm to 9pm
(UK time)
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Humans spend about a third of their lives paralysed and unconscious and we’re not alone! From apes to zebrafish and even nematodes, some sort of sleep is found in every corner of the animal kingdom. But what is sleep actually for? Scientists are still trying to figure it out, by turning to the sleep of animals to uncover the secrets of why we sleep. Get your pint and PJs ready for an evening of sleep, science, quizzes and prizes!

Sleep Across the Animal Kingdom—Similarities and Differences in Brain and Behaviour

Professor Jason Rihel (Professor of Behavioural Genetics)
Sleep is fundamental, yet no two species do it the same. Animals have evolved to have their best sleep, whether that’s hanging upside down or standing on one leg. Understanding how and why sleep varies between animals helps to pinpoint the most ancient and vital aspects of sleep. After all, if an animal can forego supposedly critical features of sleep, is it really vital for life? And why is it so universal? Surely, spending a third of your life unconscious and paralysed would be a disadvantage. Jason will explore how questions like these help to understand the structure and function of sleep.

Your first host for this evening

Yi Jiang (Host)
Yi Jiang is doing a PhD in Neuroscience. She studies how myelin, the fatty insulating sheaths surrounding cells in the brain, are involved in learning and memory. It’s time to have a snooze and discover sleep across the animal kingdom!

Your second host for this evening

Josh Harvey (Host)
Josh is an ophthalmologist and first year PhD student investigating inherited eye conditions using stem cells and gene editing. He's looking forward to sharing the science of sleep and some virtual pints!