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Celebrating vaccines

This event is fully accessible and has step free access. Under 18s allowed
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors7pm
The Winchester gate, 113 Rampart Rd,
Salisbury SP1 1JA
According to the World Health Organisation, vaccination is the second most effective public health intervention in the world for saving lives and promoting good health, after the provision of clean water. Vaccination has even made possible for the first time the eradication of a disease: smallpox. Come and join us to learn about how vaccination has radically changed our lives over the last 150 years and the challenges that the polio eradication campaign is facing on its last stages of implementation.

End Polio Now, A Vaccination Trip , are we there yet?!

Dr Kordo Saeed (Consultant Microbiologist Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
We’ve eradicated Polio in this country, but the story is not the same around the world. Learn more about my recent trip to India with End Polio Now and the challenges facing other countries in the fight against this disease

How vaccines have changed the world….in a good way

Professor Andrew Gorringe (Research Scientist)
Vaccination has drastically reduced childhood mortality over the last 150 years. Vaccines have been so successful that in some cases we have forgotten about the diseases they protect against and don't see the need to continue which is a challenge for modern vaccination campaigns. This talk will give an overview on how vaccination has changed the world... definitely in a good way.