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Clever Engineering

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Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 7pm. Event 7.30 -9.30pm
The Boileroom, 13 Stoke fields,
Guildford GU1 4LS
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We present a triple researcher special, a real engineering feast for this event. We'll go down below to see how we can heat our homes more sustainably, then perhaps watch some paint dry (everyone loves that right?) and finally we'll run a few tests with some super sensors destined for the highest levels of our atmosphere at the edge of space.

Sensors made to measure

Dr David M. Birch (Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering)
Some truly incredible sensors are now available off the shelf. We're taking these sensors, breaking them, hacking them, repurposing them, and finding some unexpected applications. We've developed sensors that have been used to measure airspeed at the edge of space, to detect diseases in cows, to measure blood pressure using only a sample of your breath, and to measure the weight of a thin slice of human hair. -And we've turned these ideas into some of the most powerful measurement tools available in the world, right here in Guildford.

Energy under our feet for space heating and hot water

Dr Rao Martand Singh (Lecturer, Geotechnical Engineering)
Ground remains at a stable temperature throughout the year irrespective of air temperature. For example in winter if the air temperature is 0C, the ground temperature would be around 13C which suggest that we have energy under our feet that can be utilised for space heating and hot water. The ground energy is renewable and free and it make sense to use it. The talk will introduce the technology used to harness the ground energy for heating buildings.

The talk can be useful for home owners, builders, HVAC engineers.

Watching paint dry

Malin Schulz (PHD student)
In modern day life paint is often applied in multiple layers. From cars to pharmaceuticals two or more layers of paint or coating are required. Typically they have to be deposited individually , which adds to the total cost and time for production. We'll be looking at how paint dries and how a phenomenon called stratification could help to deposit several layers of paint in one go.

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13 Stoke fields, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4LS, United Kingdom 13 Stoke fields, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4LS, United Kingdom
22 May
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