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Creative Reactions Edinburgh

Drop in to the Tent Gallery from 10am to 6pm on Saturday 12th May 2018 for a FREE pop-up sci-art exhibition
Past event - 2018
12 May 10:00-18:00 drop-in no booking required
19:00 booking required
Tent Gallery , Ground Floor (Art, Space & Nature) Evolution House, 78 West Port Edinburgh College of Art,
Edinburgh EH1 2LE
Sold Out!
Creative Reactions celebrates the interface between art and science. It aims to shatter the myth that art and science are mutually exclusive. CR does this by showcasing art that has a science message, has been inspired by a scientific issue, or created in collaboration with scientists. 


Drop in for a free pop-up sci-art exhibition during the day - please book a free ticket for the evening panel discussion event.

Panel Discussion at 19:00

The evening portion of the event will begin with a FREE drinks reception followed by a panel discussion with some of the artists and scientists who have created and/or influenced the pieces on display. Participants will be invited to join the panel to share their reflections on the process, barriers and motivations in sci-art collaborations.
Please, register your interest to attend, as there are limited tickets available.

Panel Discussion Members

Art and Science on a Postcard (Additional panellists will include some participants of this project)
Michele Marcoux (An artist whose practice explores the fragmentary nature of identity, memory, perception. Her most recent project, titled GYRE, explores the dynamic of how we discard once important items and how consumerism and mass production contribute to our disengagement.)
Penelope Kay (An artist who is interested in the investigation of life through the biological sciences. Her work explores the ways that scientists work and seeks to relate this work to a common experience.)
Tom Pratt (A researcher and senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. He works to understand the impressive feat of brain development from a fertilised egg to birth and how nature gets it right nearly every time.)