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Creative Reactions Finale: art and science changing our communities for the better…

This venue is fully accessible
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors open 19:00
Event 19:30-21:30
Marco's Kitchen, Frobisher House, Nelson Gate,
Southampton SO15 1GX
A fabulous end to the 'Creative Reactions' theme for Pint of Science: two metaphorical giants of the art and science communications world come together to provide you with an enlightening, liberating and engaging evening on how both creativity and logical thinking/discussion are necessary in order to change our communities for the better. Brian Cox may be helping us to understand the Universe, but our two speakers will help you understand our own little world that little bit better...

Leaping Forward: The Art of Health and Wellbeing in the lives of Children and Young People

Dr Ronda Gowland-Pryde (Consultant and former Head of Education, John Hansard Gallery)
In this very enlightening talk, Dr Gowland-Pryde reflects on how art positively affects the health and wellbeing of children and young people. With over eighteen years’ experience of gallery education and engagement, through case study examples, she will discuss the different ways in which creativity supports personal growth, development and resilience in everyday life and at moments of crises.

Creative Reactions in the Laboratory of Dissent

Dr August Jordan Davis (Senior Lecturer and Master of Arts Programme Leader - Contemporary Curation at Winchester School of Art, and Director of The Winchester Gallery)
In 2015, artists delivered an innovative series of residencies / gallery takeovers at the Winchester School of Arts, which was developed into 'The Laboratory of Dissent'. Their mission: to explore ways in which dissent could be a productive creative methodology. This project will culminate in "The Laboratory of Dissent, 2.0" (Nov - Dec 2019, WSA).

This presentation will introduce this continuing project and provocation, and explore how Creative Reactions dissent can catalyse.


Dr. Alan Wong (Sustainability Scientist and Major Events Producer)
Alan is interested in how our cities can be developed into more child- and people-friendly spaces. He is the lead researcher for the EU and DfID Metamorphosis Projects to transform our cities into more vibrant, healthier and safer neighbourhoods through art and science, and has authored many research reports on how to improve mobility and connect older and younger people with our public spaces. He also lectures on air pollution from road transport, founded the Southampton Future Cities Community Hub, is co-organiser of TEDx Southampton, and ran the City’s major Lantern Festival Parade in 2019.