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Creative Reactions: Neuroscience & Psychology

Please note this venue is on Level 5 of Peckham Levels
Go up the stairs (or take the lift) to level 5, turn right and the doors are straight ahead. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors at 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 10pm
Well Seasoned, Level 5, Peckham Levels, 95A Rye Lane,
London SE15 4ST
How objective is your brain? From the perceptions of the eye to memory recall techniques: Creative Reactions asks you to look at some of the surprising and interesting ways in which your brain and your thoughts are not as autonomous as you might 'think'.

In these unique event, 5 artists, (working in the areas of installation, sculpture, print making, filmmaking and bookbinding), have collaborated with tonight's scientists. There will be live performances, an exhibition of all the artists' work and artists presenting and talking about working alongside the scientists.
Creative Reactions - Art and Science


Professor Robert Hindges (Professor of Developmental Neurobiology, King's College London)
Have you ever wondered what kind of information our eyes send to the brain? Turns out the eye is not simply a camera, but it pre-processes features detected in the visual world using specific neural circuits. Robert will talk about how we recognise oriented visual information, why it is important and how our environment can change this process.


Professor Fiona Gabbert (Professor and Director of Goldsmiths' Forensic Psychology Unit)
The Cold Case Investigations Team, based in the Psychology Department at Goldsmiths University, examine unsolved missing person and unidentified body cases. This talk will feature a case study about a murder victim who was pulled from the North Sea 28 years ago. How can psychological techniques help uncover new investigative leads that might help identify him?

Leading scientists' talks combined with an exhibition of artists' responses to these interesting questions!


Here is a quick look at the artists involved in tonight's unique event!

Lisa Pettibone: sculpture, installation and print

Lucy Chapman: multimedia

Mahija Mandalika: literature, visual art and filmmaking

Babett Kürschner:

Francis Byrne: Creative Reactions poet-in-residence

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