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Creatures of the Deep

This venue is flat floored and step-free and should be suitable for all accessibility requirements
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 6:30PM
Starts 7:15PM
Ends 9:30PM
Vintage Bar, 28 Silver Street,
Hull HU1 1JG
Sold Out!
Join us for the second of our 3 nights sponsored by the Deep where we will hear stories of all kinds of creatures...

The Weird and the Wonderful.... and then the Weird again

Rob Bullock (Marine Red List Officer - IUCN)
The species we share this earth with are important. They are the essential building blocks of life, forming the fundamental base of a healthy planet.... and they are weird. Rob explores the lesser known facts about plants and animals from all over the world; telling the stories of the impressive, the strange, the gross, the surprising and the downright unbelievable. It might make you think, it should make you laugh, and it’ll definitely make you cringe. Think of this talk like Planet Earth, if Planet Earth were shown after the watershed and were nowhere near as good as Planet Earth.

Sawfish -What are they and who cares?!

Graham Hill (Head of Animal Care and Research - The Deep)
There are over 200, 000 species living in the depths of our oceans. From the beautiful and majestic right down to the weird and wonderful. Join Graham to learn about the Sawfish, one of the oceans weird and wonderful.

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28 Silver Street, Hull, HU1 1JG, United Kingdom 28 Silver Street, Hull, HU1 1JG, United Kingdom
20 May
Sold Out!

Saving the Planet

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