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Cuppa Science Ep. 1: How the Hulk can help us understand cancer

This event will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube via the Pint of Science UK accounts.
Past event - 2020
19 May 6pm - 6.45pm (BST)
UK time
Live show, Facebook and YouTube,
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Missing a dose of Pint of Science?  Grab a cuppa and join us for #cuppascience - a LIVE informal science chat from the comfort of your own home! Don't forget to BYOB (Bring Your Own Biscuits).

Please book a 'ticket' to get a reminder email about the event. Alternatively, head to our YouTube or Facebook page by clicking on the logos to access the Livestream at 6pm (BST - UK time).

Science of Superheroes: How the Hulk can help us to understand cancer

Dr. Isabel Pires (University of Hull)
Bruce Banner’s transformation into the Hulk seems only possible in a universe where superheroes exist. However, this transformation, and the biology behind it, is actually similar to some of the ways in which normal cells become that biggest of super villains, cancer. Using the Hulk as our starting point, we will talk about why and how cancer happens, which is the first step to understand how to find and destroy it.

Hosted by Phil Bell-Young

Phil Bell-Young (University of Hull)
Phil is a practicing Science Communicator from the city of Hull. He has appeared at many events with his variety of science stage shows, workshops, and street busking entertainment. When he is not performing, he is either behind the scenes managing different public events or showing off his amateur magician skills to anyone who will watch.

Drop me a line any time on my twitter @Philby91