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Dealing with disease

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Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
The Church, 22 Great Hampton Street,
Birmingham B18 6AQ
There are thousands of different diseases, some of which you catch yearly and some you've never heard of. This event aims to give you an insight into a couple of these diseases, how you can treat them and what happens when treatment goes wrong.

Look after your mouth, look after yourself

Dr Praveen Sharma (Associate Professor, University of Birmingham)
This talk will focus on the interplay between oral and systemic (general) health. There is a growing understanding of the impact of oral diseases, particularly periodontitis (gum disease) and a variety of other chronic illnesses.

Antibiotic resistance: what is it and how do we combat it?

Cansu Uluseker (Research Associate, University of Birmingham)
Antibiotics are the most important tool to cure bacterial infections in humans and animals. The over- and misuse of antibiotics have played a major role in the development, spread and prevalence of antibiotic resistance (AR) in the microbiomes of humans and animals. Using mathematical tools can provide predictions for the spread of AR and a template for laboratory and industrial systems. An improved understanding of such systems by formal models will likely contribute to our understanding of the engineering of treatment plants for diverse applications.

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