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Defeating Disease

This takes place on the first floor, there is a lift available.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7pm to 10pm
Drygate Brewing Co., 85 Drygate,
Glasgow G4 0UT
Come along to find out how cutting-edge research in Glasgow is breaking new ground in the fight against disease. From Alzheimers research to cancer diagnostics, this is not an event you want to miss!

Cutting Edge Research in Alzheimer's Disease

Professor Andrew Tobin (Professor of Molecular Pharmacology; Principal Investigator)
Prof Andrew Tobin, head of the Centre for Translational Pharmacology at the University, brings together academia and industry to make a difference in diseases such as Alzheimer's and malaria. Learn about the molecular basis of disease and the ground-breaking research that is searching for a cure!

Gut Instincts!

Dr. Julia Cordero (Principal Investigator)
The gut performs vital functions, including the absorption and digestion of nutrients and the body’s defense against ingested harmful substances and infections. Maintaining the capacity to repair itself following injury—a process known as regeneration— is key to preserving gut integrity and the fitness of the entire body. It's those gut instincts that are a driving force in Julia's research!

Flies, Computers, and The Age of Biomedicine

Professor Ross Cagan (Scientific Director; Principal Investigator; Regius Professor of Precision Medicine)
My laboratory developed a new and creative way to treat cancer patients. Then we met actual patients. I will relate some of what is exciting in the science-of-disease world, the human costs, and what I learned from the heroes who pushed us.

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