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Digging: The Good, The Bad and The Smelly!

Venue does not have step-free access. If you have accessibility requirements please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss options.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 6:30PM
Event 7-9PM
The Winchester Gate, 113 Rampart Rd,
Salisbury SP1 1JA
Sold Out!
Join us to learn lots of interesting things about dead stuff! From peas, plums and poo and diabolical ancient diseases found in the ground, to the hidden secrets that bones can tell us. Come along to the pub for an interesting evening learning about the work of archaeologists and anthropologists with the opportunity to look and handle some of the materials that bring joy to an environmental archaeologist!

Archaeological Biohazards and Diabolical Diseases

Caroline Langhurst (Young Archaeologist Club leader and member of Council for British Archaeology (Wessex) committee )
Ever wondered which biohazards of the past might pose a risk on an archaeological site? How would they be identified? What historical diseases did they cause and do they pose a threat to the present and the archaeologists on site? If you’re curious then this is a wander through some of the interesting diseases in history and their impact today.

Peas, plums and poo, some of the highlights of a career in Environmental Archaeology

Ines Lopez-Doriga (Archaeologist)
Archaeology is often considered an exciting research discipline that mostly consists of digging in exotic remote locations and studying shiny artefacts and old bones. A less well-known aspect of archaeology takes place in dark laboratories and the objects of study are not at all shiny (often carbonised and sometimes smelly) but is however not less exciting. Inés will share some of the most interesting case studies she’s worked on, from charred foodstuffs originating in cooking accidents dating to the Neolithic (roughly 5,000 years ago), to semidigested exotic foods from medieval cesspits- yuk!

No bones about it - Forensic Anthropology

Suzanna Defriez (Forensic Anthropologist)
Bones. CSI. NCSI. Criminal Minds.
We all love a good forensic drama, but what happens when the remains in front of the investigatory team have little to no flesh remaining? How do they go about identifying who the remains belonged to and how long the bones have been there?
Join me as I talk through one of the less commonly dramatised specialisms of forensic anthropology and where it sits within the larger field of forensic sciences.
Please note that his presentation will include discussions of death, genocide, and slightly misplaced enthusiasm about decomposition.

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2022-05-11 Cells, Sprays and Spiders! The Winchester Gate 113 Rampart Rd, Salisbury, SP1 1JA, United Kingdom
11 May
Sold Out!

Cells, Sprays and Spiders!

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