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Digital Diagnostics for a Better Body

This show is live streamed to YouTube - register to get the link to watch - even after it has finished.
Past event - 2021
18 May 6pm to 7pm
(UK time)
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Science going
How might we use digital technology for medical imaging and simulated healthcare? Can smartphones have a key role in the medicine of the future? Come and learn about the rapid developments in digital diagnostics without having to wait in the doctor’s lounge!

Personalised AI-enabled Expert Systems for Health & Wellbeing using Smartphones

Prof Alamgir Hossain (Professor of Artificial Intelligence)
Why is AI important, particularly for diagnosis? Can AI-enabled mobile apps work like pathologists and doctors for urine tests, saliva tests, skin disease detection, symptom analysis, and more? Can an intelligent app also help us find a personalised lifestyle for better health and wellbeing?

How ‘Digital humans’ are built using medical imaging, and how they can help us avoid mistakes!

Dr Philip Cosson (Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography)
X-Rays provide a window into the human body. Phil, one of the first radiographers to generate a 'digital' radiograph in the UK, helped launch the cardiac angiography services in Middlesbrough. Come listen to his award-winning work with medical imaging and digital technology for simulating practice.