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Diving Into the Abyss

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Past event - 2021
20 May 6pm to 7pm
(UK Time)
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Science going
Scientific studies allow us to ask questions about the outside world, from space to the deep sea. Join us on a journey through supermassive black holes in galaxy evolution to an exploration of ambient sound from the deep! We will be diving into some of the greatest mysteries of our planet and beyond.

Supermassive Black Holes: How to Feed Them and What Happens When You Do

Dr Carolin Villforth (Department of Physics, University of Bath)
Supermassive black holes weighing millions to billions times the mass of our own sun can be found at the centers of all galaxies, including our own Milky Way. In most galaxies, they are barely noticeable, influencing only the orbits of a few central stars. But in the rare occasion in which gas clouds fall into the black hole, the light emitted can outshine the entire galaxy. I will explain what needs to happen within a galaxy to feed a black hole and show how the energy output from a feeding black hole can determine the fate of galaxies.

Exploring the World with Physics: From the Deep Sea to Outer Space

Dr Philippe Blondel (Department of Physics, University of Bath)
The outside world is full of fascinating things: some exciting, some dangerous, some totally mind-boggling. Physics and remote sensing can help us explore, understand and protect it. I will show the latest discoveries, including de-risking marine renewable energies and the evolution of polar soundscapes, with help from Heklaistos the dolphin. We will learn about black smokers in the deep sea and ice volcanoes on other planets. We will see how sonars are inspiring the hunt for space debris and asteroid mining. Everyday Physics shows us the beauty of the world, from the deep sea to outer space.

Hosted by Andre Prates Pereira

Dr Andre Prates Pereira (Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bath)
Andre is a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath working in partnership with BP on the stability of diesel, additives and biofuels. He is also working on the production of biofuels and biocomponents in a biorefinery framework using seaweed as feedstock.