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Past event - 2019
22 May Doors 6:30PM
Starts 7:15PM
Ends 9:30PM
The Misson, 11-13 Posterngate,
Hull HU1 2JN
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The Periodic Table is perhaps one of science's most recognisable creations. In this, it's 150th year, we explore both its background and current contributions to life, as well as looking at some of the elements that constitute it.

The Evolution of the Periodic Table

Professor Mark Lorch (Professor of Science Communication - The University of Hull)
2019 is the international year of the Periodic Table and marks 150 years since its first publication by its creator Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev. Since its creation it has been at the centre of many vivid debates, inspired the discovery and synthesis of new elements, and is considered one of the most important and influential achievements of modern science. But does it still influence science? Are there still elements to find? And, how does impact our everyday lives? Join us as we takes you on journey through the Periodic Table and all its controversies, greatest moments and hidden secrets.

The Last Days of the Sun

Dr Richard Stancliffe (Postdoctoral Researcher - E.A. Milne Centre, The University of Hull)
Fortunately, for life on Earth, the Sun is in a very stable and long-lived phase of its life, with hydrogen fusion providing the energy it needs to shine. But when the last of this fuel
is gone, the Sun will undergo some dramatic changes. Richard will describe what will happen as our Sun moves towards the end of its life, and discuss how the last years of Sun-like stars are important in producing some of the elements we find around us, from carbon in our own bodies to the heavy elements used in much of our technology.

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11-13 Posterngate, Hull, HU1 2JN, United Kingdom 11-13 Posterngate, Hull, HU1 2JN, United Kingdom
21 May
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Space Time

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