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Energy and the Environment

Please note this event takes place on the basement and has no step-free access
Past event - 2018
15 May 19.30-21.30 doors open at 19.00
Copper 38-39 Castle St,
Swansea SA1 1HZ
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A pint of Hydrogen. The future of renewable energy.

Hydrogen is the energy carrier of the future. This talk will explore the concept of hydrogen as an energy carrier, utilising audience power as a energy source for conversion and storage linking in various concepts and scientific incites from the every day world as we store energy in the form of hydrogen and then experience the burning of a hydrogen flame. The bike will facilitate discussions and lead to a unique energy experience and understanding of how we might achieve a renewable energy driven world, leaving fossil fuels behind.

DIY Solar Cell Workshop

Photovoltaics Group, SPECIFIC (Workshop )
In this electrifying workshop, leading researchers will help you to build your own solar cell. Learn about how we can harness the energy from light to generate electricity using fruit juice.

Recycling Carbon

Dr Jennifer Rudd (Panel Speaker)
Dr Louise Hamdy (Panel Speaker)
Dr Marco Taddei (Panel Speaker)
Dr Mike Warwick (Panel Speaker)
Dr Russ Wakeham (Panel Speaker)
Carbon dioxide: problem today, commodity tomorrow. Currently, we emit (on average across the world) 4.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person. If we want to stop climate change raising sea levels and destroying our planet, then the most that we can emit is 1.5 tonnes per person. Come and learn how Recycling Carbon can help us survive.