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Exercise: pushing the limits

Events will take place on the ground floor, with step-free access throughout.
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Past event - 2019
22 May Doors 6:30pm
Event 7:30 - 9:30pm
Annie's at The Courtyard, 11 St Nicholas Street,
Worcester WR1 1UW
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We are constantly challenging the limits that our body can reach, pushing the boundaries of our physical and mental ability. We strive for that next level, the highest successes and greatest achievements, but how do we get there? The presenters will explore the science behind amazing sporting feats and what it takes to push our bodies to the limits.

Average sports, extreme environments

Dr Ben Duncan (Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science )
Across the globe humans are exposed to a range of “environmental extremes” including heat, humidity and high altitude in recreational, athletic and occupational settings. Globalisation has increased the incidence of sporting events in such environments. As such; remarkable feats of physical endeavour occur in environments which pose numerous challenges to human physiology. So; what physiological responses occur in humans when exposed to these extremes? How does the human body adapt during prolonged exposure? And what challenges must the athlete meet in order to strive in these environments?

How mighty is the humble blackcurrant for improving our exercise performance?

Dr Matthew Cook (Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science)
@m_d_cook ‏
In ever increasing competitive environments, athletes are constantly looking for that legal “little something” to give them a competitive edge. Dietary supplements are one of these approaches that athletes use to help improve their training, performance or recovery. Well known supplements include: carbohydrate, protein powders and caffeine. However, current research is now examining novel supplements for their effects. In my research on the humble blackcurrant, I have been examining how it can alter our physiology to promote exercise performance, promote recovery and support training.

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