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Exploring biomes: Creative Reactions Cambridge

This show is live streamed to YouTube - register to get the link to watch - even after it has finished.
Past event - 2021
20 May 7pm to 8pm
(UK time)
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Local artists were introduced to the scientists who presented at Cambridge's live shows aired earlier in the week. Their challenge was to produce artwork in response to research on climate change after COVID-19 (Planet Earth theme) and the human microbiome (Our Body theme). Tonight the artists share their final artwork along with their interpretations and processes.

Tiina Burton

Tiina Burton's website (Planet Earth Artist)
Cambridge based artist and lecturer Tiina Burton works with scientists to create artistic responses to their cutting-edge research, alongside collecting sensory experiences to help her understand the nature of reality. Her current focus is an exploration of attention over time, space and matter through walking. The repetitive labour of step after step, one foot after the other has left traces throughout her work in numerous ways. Tiina’s work has been collected and exhibited internationally, and she has published two books of fine art photography.

Jenny Turtill

Jenny Turtill's website (Planet Earth Artist)
Jenny completed a mixed media degree in Brighton in1977-80 and specializes in jewellery and sculpture. She works in silver and bronze combined with steel, fossils and rough stones. She loves texture and specialize in cuttlefish casting. Recently she has been making larger, more sculptural pieces for the garden in forged steel and bronze.

Jackie Duckworth

Jackie's first career was in genetics, but in 2000 she switched her allegiance to art, studying Illustration at ARU and becoming a printmaker and illustrator. History and legend are favourite themes in her work, but she loves the challenge posed by more unusual subjects - she has participated in Creative Reactions since 2017 and enjoys working outside of her comfort zone! She is a member of Cambridge Open Studios and Cambridge Drawing Society; and has exhibited across the UK, in Dublin and in Helsinki

John Hodgson

Our Body Artist
John is an artist of the spoken and written word who aims to communicate science on a shared elevated plane. He floats across lands by air balloon, drawing pictures and hinting at science as a familiar experience. Apprenticed in microbiology, he likes to get his head inside a subject and lick out odd crusty bits. With time, the digested fragments re-emerge as poems, spoken thought, audio outlines & word-based graphics. His art is driven by words, data and a belief that that most of what we see is coloured by ancient myths, faith and ideas that have been superseded by knowledge.

Dr. Kate Grant

Dr Kate Grant is a GP and Artist, and this is the sixth year she has collaborated with Pint Of Science. She uses
resin to create her pieces, combining an understanding of histology and microbiology to recreate fantastical interpretations of the processes in the human body. She loves to explore the unpredictable outcomes of working with a complex and uncontrollable medium, and the results look like something you could imagine under a microscope, with a twist.

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