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From Lab to Patients & Everything In Between

Please note this event takes place on the first floor and has no step-free access, apologies.
Past event - 2020
07 Sep Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
The Coachmaker's Arms, 9 St Stephens Rd,
Norwich NR1 3SP
This evening will explore...

Uncovering the Uncoverable: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Biology

Matthew Madgwick (PhD Researcher at Earlham Institute )
Artificial intelligence (AI), a term we hear everywhere, but what does it really mean? It has developed a pretty bad reputation from the media, but maybe it’s time to hear some good! With an ever-increasing amount of biological data, we need to apply computational methods to decipher the often hidden causes of diseases. To do this, AI is enabling researchers to find small but important changes within biological data. In this talk, I will explain what AI is, how it’s used day-to-day, and how it has the potential to shape the future of biological research.

To clone or not to clone? A stem cell's question

Anita Scoones (PhD Researcher at Earlham Institute)
Cells are the essential building blocks of life. Of all shapes and sizes, they exist with their own unique functions but sharing a common purpose: to produce healthy tissues in our bodies. One fascinating group of cells, known as stem cells, possess the unique power to generate all other cell types, as well as create clones through self-renewal. In this talk, I will discuss how cells decide their fate, why understanding this process is important to treat diseases such as cancer, and how we apply new technologies in the lab to tackle these questions - one cell at a time.