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Going viral

Venue has step-free access and accessible toilets. Over 18's Only.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 6:30PM
Event 7-9PM
Brown Street, 29a Brown Street,
Salisbury SP1 2AS
Viruses are everywhere, some more deadly than others! Come and find out about SARS-CoV-2 variants, how we keep ahead of the next virus outbreak, and what we know about flu. Join us for a fun evening at the pub with activities and surprises. 

Influenza viruses, vaccines and the potential vaccines of the future.

Philip Brown (Scientist)
Influenza virus disease (Flu) is a global health problem, and it is estimated that one billion are infected per year. This talk aims to provide an insight into influenza viruses, how they adapt to cause human infection, and spread within the community. Information will also be provided on why we have a vaccine and how the UK influenza vaccines are made. The final section of this talk will address the complications of creating a 'universal' or 'one for all' influenza vaccine and explain some of the new vaccines currently in development.

Virus Hunting – Getting ahead of the next virus outbreak

Okechukwa Onianwa (Virologist)
Many viruses present in animals are able to infect humans too. This is a global health issue as diseases such as Ebola and Lassa fever cause significant morbidity and mortality and are being detected in new regions of the world. One strategy to help curb virus transmission is to search for pathogens in animals and assess the danger before it happens. Learn more about my hunt for new viruses in rodents in the United Kingdom

Viruses, vaccines, and variants

Ash Otter (Scientist)
Over the past two years, viruses have been projected into the spotlight with the emergence of COVID-19, affecting everyone in one way or another. But what have we learned about the virus? How do the vaccines work and protect against severe disease? And what is a variant and what can we do about them? This talk will go through the ins and outs of viruses, how our immune systems work and what the future holds for COVID-19

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