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Hacking, addiction and sex: using technology to understand underlying behaviours.

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Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 6.45pm
Event 7pm - 9pm
Chaplin's and The Cellar Bar, 529 Christchurch Rd,
Bournemouth BH1 4AG

Can real-time persuasive technology help us combat addiction?

Dr Emily Arden-Close (Senior Lecturer at Bournemouth University)
Over 400,000 people in the UK identify as problem gamblers, which is likely to increase given the rapid expansion of gambling-related advertising. Similarly, levels of digital addiction are increasing, with gaming disorder being formally recognised by the WHO in 2018. However, there is currently no official treatment pathway for behavioural addictions. Drawing on 1) research with social and ex-problem gamblers and 2) research around digital addiction, Emily argues that real-time persuasive technology offers an unprecedented opportunity to combat addictive usage of digital devices

​Representing the real self online

We’re told to be cautious of who we speak to online - people aren’t always who they say they are – particularly when notions of romance and sex are involved. These online profiles can present a lot of personal information for others to see, such as hobbies and interests, what the person wants from a partner, or their sexual preferences. How much do people manipulate what goes on these profiles? How accurately do the profiles reflect who we actually are? What can this manipulation of information actually tell us about a person?​"

Understanding the Hacking world...

Dr John McAlaney (Associate Professor in Psychology at Bournemouth University)
Hackers do not get a good press. Incidents such as Wannacry have helped cement the public perceptions of hackers as criminals who disrupt systems and cause problems. However to many hackers, this is an unfair stereotype that does not capture the diversity of their community, and the work they do ethically and legally to find and fix gaps in the security of organisations. In this talk John will describe his enlightening and at times challenging journey to understand the hacking world through online communities, the dark web, interviews, and meetings in dark corners of a hotel in Las Vegas