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Hijacking the Immune System: For Better or for Worse

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Past event - 2021
18 May 7pm to 8pm
(UK time)
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Our immune system is highly complex and while it does a great job of protecting our bodies, sometimes it could do better. In this show, we will explore how viruses can hijack our immune system leaving us a little worse for wear.... and how we as researchers are learning to hijack immune cells for the better, helping them get to where they need to be!

Can we stop mosquito-transmitted virus infection at the bite?

Mosquitoes are annoying, we all know that. Even more annoying than their itchy bites and their high-pitched buzz, their bites can transmit viruses. Globally, mosquito bites transmit a plethora of viruses resulting in about 400 million infections. Did you know the specific way they annoy our skin benefits the viruses they transmit? In this talk we will investigate why mosquito bites are so annoying for our skin, how our skin deals with bites, and how understanding all this helps fight the viruses these annoying critters spread!

Helping immune cells find their way

Alan Hayes (Research Associate)
The tissues of our body contain an address code to help our immune cells find their way around. However, sometimes our cells can get a bit lost as they aren’t able to read the map. When this happens, our cells can’t get to the right place to help fight infections or cancer. But what if we could help them to better understand the address codes contained within our tissues? It’s time to find out how we can give cells the correct “tracker” giving them a little nudge in the right direction, improving their ability to tackle cancer!