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How Does a Molecule Become a Medicine?

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Past event - 2021
17 May 7pm to 8pm
(UK time)
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With many awaiting the authorisation of more Covid19 vaccines with excitement, the drug discovery process has gained a lot of attention in the media in the past year. Reports mostly focused on clinical trials, but what happens before the drugs are tested in this phase? And why is drug discovery so difficult? Why can it take such a long time? Follow us on a journey with leading experts within the pharmaceutical industry and discover what it means to develop a drug from an idea into a fully authorised medicine.

What tale of drug discovery does lenacapavir tell?

Dr Daniel Bakowski (Principal Scientist at Sygnature Discovery)
Gilead’s novel antiviral lenacapavir was voted Small Molecule of the Year 2020. Here, we follow this exquisite investigational drug from its birth as a therapeutic idea through to lead generation and into clinical trial. We will learn how lenacapavir surprises, the rules it breaks, and what it tells us about modern drug discovery and how we can innovate remarkable therapeutic strategies for the most devastating of diseases.

Clinical Research: Proving Safety and Efficacy

Dr Peter Scholes (Chief Scientific Officer at Quotient Sciences)
The current pandemic has triggered huge public interest in clinical trials and how evidence is gathered to show new potential medicines are both safe and effective. The talk will provide an overview of the different clinical research stages, in both volunteers and patients, the parallel development of the product itself and how independent regulators oversee the whole process. The time and cost for the development of each new medicine are historically eye-watering. In the future, how can a molecule become a cure faster?

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