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Hypnosis - Altering Consciousness

Past event - 2017
23 Mar Doors 6.00pm
Event 7.00pm-10.30pm
The Clapham Grand, 21-25 St John's Hill,
London SW11 1TT
Yes, that's right...get ready to look into our eyes but don't get too sleepy because we are going to take you on a journey which looks at the science of hypnosis and features poetry and art inspired by this fascinating phenomenon. Over the past few months, Creative Reactions has brought scientists and artists together to explore the subject of hypnosis. The event will also feature a live hypnosis demonstration. Please note that this event is for over 18s only. Volunteers, who must be aged 18 or older, can refuse at any point to continue taking part in the demonstration.
Creative Reactions - Art and Science

The science behind hypnosis

Dr Eamonn Walsh (Senior Lecturer, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IOPPN), King's College London)
Highly hypnotisable people report experiencing profound changes in consciousness in response to verbal suggestions. But what is hypnosis (and what did Pavlov, the Russian physiologist known for classical conditioning in dogs, say about it)? Are there any structural differences in the brain of a hypnotisable person? Can we image the effects of hypnosis in the human brain? And how can this research benefit society?

Exploring States of Mind

Denise Alder (Artist and Film Maker)
Denise is an Artist and Film Maker. After studying Fine Art at Central St Martins School of Art, she learnt Screenwriting at the London College of Communication. Currently she works as a film director in advertising and TV, whilst continuing to create on-going screenwriting and painting projects that widely explore such topics as social constructionism and jungian psychology.

Transforming Hypnosis

Hannah Gardiner works investigating the themes of society and the environment. She is interested in art as an experiential shared process, and the place of imagination in transformation. Her work includes; performance, video, installation and socially engaged pieces. She has completed residencies and participated in festivals both nationally and internationally.

Stage Hypnotism

Stuart Ashing (Hypnotist - Cabaret Artist - Therapist and Coach)
Stuart has been performing stage hypnosis since the early 1990s. His hypnosis shows have been attended by over two million guests and he has hypnotised more than 60,000 people! Stuart has worked with many household names in entertainment and appeared in major movies and in TV dramas, as well as performing on MTV.

Don't miss this chance to see a demonstration of hypnotism. Volunteers, who must be aged 18 or older, can refuse at any point to continue taking part in the demonstration.


Seki Lynch (Poet and Curator)
Seki Lynch is a writer of poetry and prose. His work varies greatly in form and subject matter but often is concerned with connection and that which is most human in us all, the search for one another. The Hypnosis event will see him attempting to explore both personal and social subconsciousness. As well as performing at The Society Club, the Curious Arts Festival and at several Creative Reactions events he has written for the New Welsh Review and the International Times.


Francis Byrne (Poet and Host)
Since completing his Masters in chemistry, Francis has taken to writing science poetry. He does things like trying to get two nerve cells to fall in love or uses the process of DNA replication to create a strange new nonsense language. Francis will be collaborating with Professor Eamonn Walsh of KCL on a poem showing the connections between poetic and hypnotic language. Francis has worked with ITV, Creative Reactions, The Huffington Post, and runs his own poetry night in London called Frogs & Jays. He is also editor of the independent publisher, GUG Press.