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Imaging Space: The Final Frontier

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Past event - 2021
18 May 8pm to 9pm
(UK time)
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Join us for an evening of space exploration! Dr Ziri Younsi & Divya Persaud will guide you through the fascinating world of space imaging. Ziri is part of the Event Horizon Telescope team who successfully imaged the first supermassive black hole. Divya uses 3D imagery to study the geological history of Mars. The event will include talks from both speakers, a Q&A and chances to win prizes!

Imaging Black Holes

Dr Ziri Younsi (Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship)
Black holes are amongst the simplest and yet most enigmatic objects in our Universe. In spite of overwhelming evidence of their existence, until recently they had evaded direct observational confirmation. In April 2019, the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration presented the first ever "image" of a supermassive black hole. In my talk I will discuss how we were able to capture an image of a black hole for the very first time, I will discuss our current and ongoing work and the exciting new prospects for black-hole imaging which will be announced later this year.

Mars in 3D

Divya Persaud (PhD student at UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory)
3D imagery taken from space is an exciting tool for understanding the geology of other worlds and our place in the solar system. Divya will discuss how she has used 3D images and tools to study the geologic history of the Curiosity rover landing site--from making 3D imagery and visualising it, to how she and other planetary geologists can use software to analyse virtual landscapes of other worlds.

Your host for this evening...

Sarah Ledden (Host)
Sarah is a final year PhD student looking at the relationship between alcohol use and suicidal behaviour using population-level datasets. A fan of both pints and science, she also enjoys playing football and listening to sad indie music.