Other events in Cambridge

Into the darkness

Wheelchair access to all areas. Visual impairments: well-lit and airy, clear menus. Hearing Impairments: Generally quiet, no music. Free parking immediately outside restaurant.
Past event - 2015
19 May Doors open 6.30pm
Event 7pm-9pm
The Boathouse, 14 Chesterton Rd,
Cambridge CB4 3AX
Are you ready for a scary journey into the deepest fears of the human soul? Enjoy a last sip of beer and let's start! Please note that the event takes place on the first floor.

How to achieve a social life after death

Dr John Robb
People in all cultures would agree that death is a significant biological event, but in many cultures, the dead not only are expected to have a social life, they sometimes achieve this. How does our culture differ in the ways in which we look at the body and its properties, live or not?

Forensic archaeology and anthropology in a war zone: Justice or closure

Dr Corinne Duhig
Forensic archaeologists and anthropologists work with criminal investigation teams, either on national — usually single — cases or in disaster or war zones where victims can number in hundreds or thousands. I will describe what we do and discuss our role in genocide investigation: the challenges of intensely difficult conditions, and the difficult balance between the requirements of the judicial process and the needs of the bereaved.

A pint of lava and a packet of pumice, please

Professor Clive Oppenheimer
Ever wondered if you would be here if it weren’t for volcanoes? If not, then this diminutive talk is for you. I’ll cram in as much volcanology into ten or fifteen minutes as humanly possible. Why volcanoes matter; how your ancestors grew up in their shadow; where to take your next holiday; and how a super-eruption might ruin your day. No tuff questions left unanswered.