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It's getting hot in here...

Past event - 2017
15 May doors open 7pm
starts 7:30pm
end 9:30pm
Roll for the Soul 2 Quay Street,
Bristol BS1 2JL
Sold Out!
Open especially for Pint of Science, the not-for-profit café and bike workshop Roll for the Soul hosts a night on a burning, hot and explosive topic: Volcanoes! Please note that this event takes place on the ground floor and is accessible for those with impaired mobility. The bar is up some stairs, but staff can offer table service for those with impaired mobility.

Flow or blow

Bodies of partially molten rock, or magma, underlie all of the world's restless volcanoes. But what determines whether such bodies erupt? In this talk I will explore the role that carbon dioxide gas plays, not only in triggering volcanic eruptions, but also in generating the world's largest ore deposits. In magmas carbon dioxide is a relatively scarce gas, but one that punches well above its weight. I will draw on volcanic examples from Chile, USA, New Zealand and the Russian Far East.

Small or Far Away? – Impacts of Volcanic Eruptions on UK

Volcanic ash has reached the UK twice in the last ten years, and there was significant disruption to UK air transport from the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland. But what are the potential consequences for UK of explosive volcanic eruptions from surrounding volcanic regions? This talk will explain the possible impacts of volcanic ash on UK, how explosive eruptions and their impacts can be forecast for preparedness planning, and how recent volcanological research has contributed to UK operational response to explosive eruptions.