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It's human nature

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Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Sheaf Street, 3 Sheaf Street,
Leeds LS10 1HD
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We are currently in an era where human behaviour is affecting ecology and habitats at an alarming rate. In a political climate where global leaders are falling short, researchers from the university of Leeds will discuss our personal responsibilities, challenges in training to change environmental behaviours, and living within our global limits. Can we achieve a good quality of life without irreversibly damaging our life support systems?

Enjoy (the planet) responsibly: Researching Living Well Within (Planetary) Limits

Professor Julia Steinberger (Professor of Social Ecology & Ecological Economics)
The central question of our era is whether or not we can achieve good lives without durably damaging our life support systems (fancy words for our planet and biosphere). In this presentation, Julia Steinberger will cover some of the main difficulties in this research, what we know so far, and what we need to figure out moving forward.
This bar talk will put forward novel approaches and recent results from the Living Well Within Limits project, including discussion of new activist and policy directions for action on climate change.

Bad habits: How technology can help achieve behavioural and environmental change

Caitriona Shannon (PhD Reseacher, University of Leeds)
Environmental training is fundamental to any successful activity of environmental management or conservation. Training is based on the principle that people need more information to increase awareness to behave pro-environmentally. In order to be truly effective in aiding in conservation, training needs to translate into behaviour change. Caitriona Shannon asks; is it possible for e-Learning training to change short and long term environmental behaviours?

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3 Sheaf Street, Leeds, LS10 1HD, United Kingdom 3 Sheaf Street, Leeds, LS10 1HD, United Kingdom
3 Sheaf Street, Leeds, LS10 1HD, United Kingdom 3 Sheaf Street, Leeds, LS10 1HD, United Kingdom
22 May
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