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It’s not how big, it’s what you do with it

Fully accessible
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7-9.30pm
Tamper Seller's Wheel, 149 Arundel St,
Sheffield S1 2NU
In today’s world, size isn’t always everything, and smaller really can mean better! Open your eyes to the small and mighty; learn how atoms ultimately govern how materials behave, and through the rise of nanomaterials, how we can harness the power of nanotechnology for our medical needs!

From atoms to materials

Paul Stavroulakis (Materials Science and Engineering)
The main pillar upon which our modern world resides today are the materials it consists of. The smartphone you hold, your laptop, your earphones or even the latest rocket Elon Musk decides to launch are all products of exquisite material design. So, in this talk we're going to journey from the atomic world all they way up to the materials you see all around you, with a slight bias in favour of metals and a pinch of salt!

Programming nano DNA sensors

Charlotte Kiker (Chemistry)
Being able to sense DNA on small scales is crucial for diagnostics. I’ve been working on making nanoscale sensors that should work like Velcro sticking to DNA and glowing to alert us of its presence. To tell you about my sensor I will first talk about the amazingness that is metal-organics and how they can be tuned for all functions. I will then get into the nitty gritty of how my sensor should work and the future prospects they might have.

Naturally nano

Nature builds the living world around us with atomic precision using proteins. This talk will explore the ways we can harness and use this ability to design and build nanomaterial for our medical and nanotechnology needs. We will look at whether in the future, we will be able to program biology to make nanomaterials.