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Let's get physical!

The event will be held in the basement, unfortunately there is no step-free access.
Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 7pm Event 7.30-9.30pm
Farrs School of Dancing 17 - 19 Dalston Lane,
London E8 3DF
Let's get physical! Discover how polymers have been shaping the world we see around us and how NASA technology can improve plane performance! Joins us and take the chance of winning amazing Pint of Science goodies! 

Chain Reactions

Christina Picken (PhD Candidate)
What links a hangover cure, the paint on a car, your DNA, the great pacific garbage patch and saving elephants? Polymers, of course! For millions of years, polymer chains have been designing the world we see around us - our fundamental DNA structure, the fibers of the clothes we’re wearing, and the electronic devices we use every day. We’ll be exploring the “reactionary” polymeric materials which can adapt in response to the world around them to release medicines, capture pollutants, turn sunlight into electricity and heal themselves when damaged.

Dancing wing: the art of controlling airflow

Dr Yann Bouremel (Research Associate)
Have you ever looked at a plane going through the clouds? The molecules of water vapor will undulate, whirl, swirl even form vortices as the airplane wings move across them. These beautiful patterns are key to keeping the plane in the air! Can we control these to improve the plane performance? A bit less whirling here to increase the lift? No problem, Sir! Welcome to the area of active control! We designed a wing that can change its shape using NASA actuators. It will dance to the tune of The Nutcracker to show its abilities and one day aims to surpass Stascream, the lieutenant of Megatron.