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We don’t talk about COVID

Please note venue is wheelchair accessible via a ramp using the rear entrance
Past event - 2022
11 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7pm to 10pm
The Record Factory, 17 Byres Rd,
Glasgow G11 5RD
Sold Out!
We've heard a lot about a certain coronavirus in the last two years, but there are plenty of other viruses that fascinate researchers the world over! Find out how viruses enter cells with Joe Grove, how we can manage novel viral outbreaks with Shirin Ashraf, and learn about the bright side of viral power with Greg Weir.

You Shall Not Pass

Dr. Joe Grove (Principal Investigator)
Dr Joe Grove is fascinated (obsessed?) by the biological machinery by which viruses enter cells and evade the immune system. Learn more about how viruses escape immune detection and sneak into our cells unnoticed!

Emerging Infections

Shirin works on emerging viral infections and their management the world over. In her talk, explore the cutting-edge technologies that help researchers prepare and tackle viral outbreaks and pandemics.

The good side of viruses: harnessing their potential to treat chronic pain

Dr. Greg Weir (Research Fellow)
There are various tools available to neuroscience that can control the activity of certain cells of the nervous system. Using those technologies we can understand how and why we feel pain. Now bring in the viruses! Come along to hear about how Dr. Gregory Weir is using these 'bad bugs' to do good!

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