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Living Laboratories

Please note this event takes place on the top floor; there is no step-free access. Lift available to middle floor and then wide straight stairs to top floor.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
The Waterfront, Canal St, Castle Wharf,
Nottingham NG1 7EH
What makes us tick? We know more about how our bodies work than ever before - but there’s still so much more to know! From FitBits to pipette tips, downward dogs to fitness blogs, science is shaping our everyday exercise habits.

16 and 17 year old's are welcome with an accompanying adult.

Exercise can help your broken bones to heal - here is how

Dr. Livia Santos (Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University)
If you’ve ever broken a bone, you probably thought it was best to rest and not put any weight on it. But somewhat counter-intuitively, exercise may actually play an important role in bone regeneration. How is this possible? How does this happen? Dr. Livia Santos will explain her latest findings on novel mechanisms by which mechanically stimulated bone cells can drive bone regeneration.

Are Workout 'Highs' Real? - Our Body's Own 'Cannabis'

Dr. Afroditi Kouraki (Research Assisstant, University of Nottingham)
Do you know that there are molecules similar to cannabinoids (the substances in marijuana) in our body? Researchers at the University of Nottingham have found that the levels of these cannabis-like substances in blood increase after exercise. Is this a good thing or should we be worried? Come to our event and find out more about how we generate cannabis-like substances and how they affect our bodies!

Sport Science: A waste of a degree?

Connor Parker (PhD Researcher, Nottingham Trent University)
Liam Hughes (PhD Researcher, Nottingham Trent University)
Reece Scott (PhD Researcher, Nottingham Trent University)
Sport is more than medals, champions, and Olympics. It is also a science. It might surprise you how much research in sport and exercise science can positively impact society: from elite athletes such as professional cricket and rugby players to NHS patients with a lower limb amputation. Connor, Liam, and Reece are experts in this field and they are ready to share with you their research stories.

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