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Looking after yourself and others in challenging times

Fully accessible
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7.00-9.30pm
Tamper Seller's Wheel, 149 Arundel St,
Sheffield S1 2NU
Sold Out!
During the Covid pandemic, people have to be strong, look after themselves and also support each other. Daniella will explain why it is important to love yourself and be compassionate when in difficult situations. Ankita will introduce the shadow pandemic and uncover some heart breaking truths women are current experiencing. Raymon will tell us how to be an amazing wizard/witches and read your children's mind even they don't speak.

Self-compassion for you, for me and for ADHD

Danielle Beaton (Researcher, Psychology)
ADHD is often viewed negatively. People with ADHD can be perceived as lazy, annoying, clumsy or forgetful. When people are surrounded by this, the negativity can be internalised leading them to be harder on themselves and can contribute to poor mental health through depression, anxiety, stress, and low wellbeing. But what if people with ADHD were taught self-compassion? Self-compassion promotes resilience and good mental health. It is good practice for everyone – but may be particularly important for people with ADHD.

The Shadow Pandemic: The Elephant in the Room that says See Me!

Ankita Mishra (PhD Student)
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the message of staying home to stay safe has been widely circulated. Apparently it did not hold true for everyone, rather, led to the ‘shadow pandemic’. What is this shadow pandemic and what can we do about it? This presentation attempts to answer some of these questions, demystify the shadow pandemic which has been overlooked as we have been trying to deal with the virus and hopefully leave you with some questions and thoughts!

A research method into the unconscious

Raymond Ingram (Researcher, Social Science)
I will be talking about a story stem technique which allows researchers to access inner representations of significant others. I will also talk about my doctoral research which suggested differences in these inner representations of children with a stutter compared with children with no stutter.

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