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Made to Order Science

This venue is fully accessible with step free access. There is an accessible toilet available. It is an over 18s only venue.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors open 6:30pm
Talks starting from 7:30pm
To be finished by 9:30pm
Other Monkey Brewing, 5-6 St Nicholas St,
Colchester CO1 1DN
Scientists found a way to wield organisms and substances found in nature to make the impossible possible. DNA was only discovered in the 1950s and a couple of decades later the first form of genetic sequencing was invented. The sequencing of the first human genome began in 1990 and took 13 years to be completed. Nowadays this can be done in weeks if not days. This has revolutionised the way diseases are diagnosed and treated. Cancer treatment protocols can be modified based on mutations detected through genetic sequences. Join us over a pint to explore how science can be customised to suit you...

The many human genomes: so similar, yet so different

Dr Antonio Marco (Senior Lecturer, University of Essex Life Sciences)
Genomes contain the genetic information of organisms and are written in the four famous nucleotides: A, T, C and G. Knowing the sequence of nucleotides of every genome became the 20th century geneticist’s dream. The development of the (now called) first-generation sequencing methods and novel computational approaches allowed the generation of the first draft sequence of the human genome in 2001. In this talk I will tell the story of the human genome sequence from the point of view of the fast technical and methodological developments that only occurred during the last thirty years.

MSC-based therapies for the treatment of cancer

Dr Andrea Mohr (Lecturer in Cancer Biology, University of Essex)
Therapy resistance is a major clinical obstacle in the management of cancer. Cancer cells often undergo changes which protect them from cell death, making them resistant to anti-tumour drugs. However, we have discovered a novel way of attacking and killing cancer cells by combining the effect of stem cells and of a naturally occurring protein called TRAIL. TRAIL can give rise to cancer cell death and re-sensitise tumours to treatment. Importantly, TRAIL has been shown to cause tumour death specifically, leaving normal healthy cells and tissues unharmed, thus reducing the risk of side-effects.

Cancer - how close are we to personalised medicines?

Dr Greg Brooke (Senior Lecturer in Molecular Cell Biology, School of Life Sciences, University of Essex)
Cancer is a complex disease, caused by multiple mutations to DNA. The sequencing of DNA from cancer patients has revolutionised our understanding of the disease; how cancer develops and why therapies fail. These analyses have also improved our understanding of how tumours spread around the body and have led to the development of novel treatment options for the disease. Some genetic tests are already being used clinically, and these are used to select treatment options for patients. Genomic testing represents a significant step towards personalised medicine for cancer.

A pint of artificial blood: Creating a safe blood substitute for the 21st century

Dr Brandon Reeder (Lecturer - School of Life Sciences)
Blood transfusions are a lifesaving technology. However, red blood cells have inherent disadvantages such as limited shelf life, need for blood group typing, and they cannot be used in patients with weak immune systems that reject blood transfusions. At Essex Uni, we are using genetic engineering to create an artificial blood substitute based on the oxygen carrying protein haemoglobin. We aim to use our synthetic blood as an ‘oxygen bridge’ for patients, keeping patients alive before a blood transfusion can take place at a hospital or in situations where a blood transfusion is not possible

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