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Medicine, children, and skin disease: a moral journey

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Past event - 2021
19 May 8pm to 9pm
(UK time)
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How do we decide whether it is safe to give medicine to children? Does it do more harm than good? And how do we help reduce illness, stigma, and poverty caused by skin disease? Join us on a journey from Alder Hey Children's Hospital to the streets of Liberia as we try to navigate these difficult questions!

The stigma and burden of skin diseases

For many people with severe skin diseases, lack of access to health and social services results in significant physical and psycho-social consequences, complex treatment journeys, and catastrophic socio-economic impacts. In this fascinating talk, Dr Laura Dean from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine discusses her research into how to reduce illness, stigma, social exclusion and poverty caused by severe stigmatising skin diseases (SSSDs) in Liberia.

Helping or harming? What are medicines doing to children (and how do we find out more)?

Dr Dan Hawcutt (Senior Lecturer Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology)
Medicines are prescribed to do good - control a symptom, or treat the underlying cause of the illness. However, medicines can have side effects. When medicines are prescribed to children and young people, it can be especially difficult to work out if the overall effect is helpful or harmful. This talk will look at work that has been done at University of Liverpool and Alder Hey Children's Hospital Liverpool with children, young people, parents, researchers (UK and abroad) pharmaceutical companies, and drug regulators to try and improve how we can understand what medicines are actually doing.

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