Past event - 2017
16 May 7-9pm (Doors 6pm)
Slug and Lettuce 1 Oxford Castle, New Rd,
Oxford OX1 1AY
Sold Out!
Tonight we look into how nanotechnology is rapidly becoming the next big thing in biology and medicine. Don't miss out on the chance to hear about the latest advances and some fascinating insights into this miniature world! Pint of Science pint glasses and tshirts to be won! (Please note: ground floor event, easily accessible)

Nanotech in medicine

Sonia Contera (Associate Professor in Biological Physics and Nanomedicine)
Proteins and DNA are the building blocks of life, and the main targets of drugs, and they are nanometres in size. This means that the tools that nanotechnology scientists use to manipulate and fabricate nanostructures can be used to understand how biology works and also to improve and develop new medical treatments such as improved cancer therapies. Nano-bio-medical sciences are also creating new ways to diagnose diseases, and even to regenerate tissues and organs. Simultaneously biology is inspiring new nanotech - like molecular nanorobots that will assemble the medicines of the future.

Delicate drug delivery

Joshua Owen (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Joshua is interested in developing novel ways to deliver drugs to combat disease, using the tiniest of drug delivery devices.