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New World Order

Step-free access available, although the pub is narrow so if you have any specific requirements feel free to message us or the pub. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-10pm
Queen St Brewhouse, 7 Queen Street,
Colchester CO1 2PG
Sold Out!
On this evening we will discuss the incarceration of young people, the drawbacks of the current rehabilitation system and propose alternative systems. We will also address the rise of right-wing populism and how it is damaging the quality of democracy. Donald Trump will be used as a case study in the rampant use of historical distortion and how it impacts the US presidency.

What is Wrong with the Incarceration of Young People?

This talk will focus on the harms of incarceration for young people, drawing from a research study conducted in custodial facilities for teenagers. The talk will focus on the tools used inside of facilities to change and rehabilitate young people, asking key questions about their effectiveness. It will also examine the consequences of incarceration for the lives of young people after they leave custody.

Populism and Authoritarian Nostalgia: Growing Threats to Global Democracy

Professor Natasha Lindstaedt (Deputy Dean (Education in Social Sciences) and Professor)
Studies concur that democracy is under threat across the globe. It is not that there are fewer democracies than in the past, but that the quality of democracy is diminishing. One reasons for this is the rise of right-wing populist regimes across Europe and the Americas. In some cases these regimes are supported by citizens fed up with how democracy functions, nostalgic about their authoritarian pasts. Other cases see established democracies experiencing a de-democratic consolidation for the first time. This talk explains what is driving these trends, and what impact this is having globally.

Fake News, Fake History in the Age of Donald Trump

Donald Trump lies about all kinds of things. One of those things is history. He distorts the past–his own as well as other people’s–but he also misunderstands major historical issues, and promotes the views of people who do the same. This talk will explore how Trump does this, whether he is different in this respect from previous presidents, and what the implications of his distortions are for teaching people about the United States.