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Not Neglecting Diseases

Please not this event takes places in the cellar bar and has no disabled access. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2019
20 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-10.00pm
Wild Rover, 144 Perth Road,
Dundee DD1 4JW
What are scientists doing about infectious neglected diseases?

These diseases are present in 149 countries world wide and affect 1.4 billion people. Why should we care and what are scientists in Dundee doing about it? Three University of Dundee Scientists (including a knight!) will take us on a journey of the difficulties and breakthroughs in the challenge to find new treatments for malaria, tuberculosis and leishmaniasis. 

What are scientists doing about infectious diseases?

Professor Sir Mike Ferguson (Regius Professor of Life Sciences, University of Dundee)
Why do we still have millions of cases of infectious diseases like and malaria, tuberculosis and leishmaniasis? What does drug-resistance mean, and why should we care? We will discuss these points and look at how scientific research can make a difference.

What hides within

Professor Mark Field (Professor of Cell Biology and Parasitology, University of Dundee)
Most people are aware that there are many things that live on or in our bodies. Fortunately for us, the vast majority have either no impact or are even beneficial. But some are able to use our bodies as hosts for a long time, and to spread diseases. How do such creatures avoid being killed by our natural defences? I will discuss mechanisms that are common to viruses, bacteria and protozoa that allow long term colonisation of the human body, and the fascinating ways in which these are similar, but have evolved independently.

Malaria, hard spirits and how to protect our Liver

Irene Hallyburton (Malaria Drug Discovery Biologist, University of Dundee)
A tale of the treatment of Malaria from the Egyptian Pharos, South American Priests and the British in India, to modern Drug Discovery. Malaria has been a problem for mankind for thousands of years and  this talk takes trip round the world, through time and looks at what we are doing today to develop new safe treatments for the future.

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144 Perth Road, Dundee, DD1 4JW, United Kingdom 144 Perth Road, Dundee, DD1 4JW, United Kingdom
144 Perth Road, Dundee, DD1 4JW, United Kingdom 144 Perth Road, Dundee, DD1 4JW, United Kingdom
22 May

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