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Paths to world domination

Please note this event takes place in the basement and has no step-free access.
Past event - 2018
16 May Doors open 18:30
Event 19:00-21:30
Simmons King's Cross 32 Caledonian Road,
London N1 9DT
Sold Out!
From the cradle of Africa to the 7 continents, how did humans manage to spread across planet earth? What drives our decision to pick one direction as opposed to another? Join us at the pub, to find out!

Pints (of water!) in the desert

Dr. Paul Breeze (Research Associate)
The deserts of the Sahara and Arabia are some of the largest, and driest, on Earth. But now, using satellite imagery we are mapping dense networks of rivers and lakes within them from when the climate was dramatically different. Over a refreshing pint, hear about our expeditions into the parched Arabian Deserts to investigate these ancient lakes, about the fossils and archaeology we find around them, and how greening of the deserts helped ancient humans and other animals expand out of Africa.

Agency Models (no, not that sort)

Dr. James Millington (Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography)
Models that represent the agency of people, households or other individuated decision-maker are becoming increasingly valuable for understanding social and ecological change. We’ll examine here how these ‘agent-based models’ allow us to investigate what the (possibly unexpected) consequences of many interacting individuals might be, and how the rules people use to make decisions generate spatial patterns.